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Saturday, April 25, 2009



Part Two: Bugs Bombs & Bucks

By Ben C Vidgen.

“The most effective counter-offensive to threatened invasion by overpopulated Asiatic countries would be directed towards the destruction by biological or chemical means of tropical food crops and the dissemination of infectious disease” --- Noble Peace Prize Winner Sir Ian Macfarlane 1947 classified Australian government report, discovered in Dorling National Archives 1998, reported in The Age 10.2 2002.

"Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World... Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of U.S." -- National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger Nobel Peace Prize winner, National Security Memo 200, Implications of World Wide Population Growth for U.S. security & Overseas Interests" April 24, 1974.

“Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger” - U.S. National Security Adviser General James Jones February 8, 2009.

Turning Swords into Ploughs ‘Shares’.

February 12 2009 Flight 3407 crashed in Buffalo after leaving Newark, New Jersey.

This plane crash attracted the attention of the media due, in part, to one of the passengers being Beverly Eckert, who after the death of her husband Sean Rooney on September 11th 2001, had “chosen to go to court rather than accept victims compensation” stating that a law suit unlike “other investigative avenues”, including congressional hearings and the 9/11 commission report on the destruction of the twin towers required all testimony be given under oath and had powers to compel evidence. Eckert made it clear to the media she spoke to she wanted to know “what went so wrong with our intelligence and security systems”.

Instead of getting entangled in the suspicion of citizen journalists concerning the cause of 3407 demise in Buffalo DEADLINE chose to address what the passenger manifesto of Flight 3407 could reveal about the growth and power of America’s US military Industrial complex.

In part one DEADLINE looked at the politics, ramifications and development of unmanned aerial technology that is linked to 3407 via passengers Steve Johnson, Jerome Krasuski, Darren Tolsma and Ernest West, they all being employees of Amherst Systems, a Buffalo based aviation electronic warfare technology firm. Amherst was identified as a political donor of Republican Senator Thomas Reynolds who had played a prominent role in backing the Northrop Grumman Amherst tender, worth $28 million, to supply Europe with state of the art electronic warfare technology. The deal was part of a package shaped by Obama’s advisers to make the US European allies take a more proactive role in Afghanistan and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in return for access to the US cutting edge military technology worth in turn billions to US manufactures.*1

*1 Since going to print Americans, Ronald Richey, John Salman, Ricky Wilson, have been identified as fatalities on Turkish Airlines TK1951, which crashed in Amsterdam, less than two weeks after Flight 3407. The three Americans, plus Michael Hemmer (listed as critically injured), were employees of Boeing and were returning from Turkey, where they had been updating Turkey’s 737 air force electronic warfare planes, part of the NATO initiative Operation Peace Eagle.”

When investigating the degree to which America’s fate and fortune is tied to war one cannot help notice when examining, even briefly, the manifesto of flight 3407 , just how many of the victims of this February plane crash had a direct history of being employed by the military at one time in their careers. These include former veterans such as Douglas C Wielinski, Clay Yaber and the recently retired U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. John Fiore. In other cases the deceased connections were more fiscal, having been employees of Amherst Systems.

Further examination of the passenger list suggests the U.S. military remains a primary source of employment and wealth for many. For example another 3407 passenger, Kristin Safran of the firm Ark Specialty Services that provided regulatory and inspection service to US military in Iraq for bottled water. Another on the flight from New Jesery to Buffalo was John Roberts, a former army reserve officer who was the Vice President of Deloittes (an accounting and auditing firm) in the Mumbai office where real estate consultancy firm W.P. Carey, who employed a fellow passenger Johnathan Perry, ran a school for economic research. W.P. Carey’s curriculum included “the impact on terrorism in risk management.”

Terrorism, having being recognised as an area of expansion by a number of analyst firms has since 2001 increasingly moved into the area of intelligence analyst work that is normally associated with the CIA rather than the likes of Price Water House Cooper. While firms like Deloittes, beyond such niche growth area as risk management, have long had major links to the military in the less glamorous but no less important areas of auditing and number crunching. Dealing in billions of dollars their importance is of special significance when you consider that many of the US military clients including Deloittes co-client Schering Plough, New Jersey, have complex financial arrangements which, in many cases, reflect the sensitivity and national security ramifications of their work for the Pentagon. Schering Plough’s own links to Flight 3407 come second only to Amherst Systems and include the deaths of three employees, Jennifer Neil, Dawn Monachino and Dawn Mossop, (plus Mrs Mossop’s family members; her husband Donald, son Shawn and cousin Ferris Reid).

The Day of the Dead.

Another 3407 passenger, Donald Macdonald, worked in pharmaceuticals as the quality control engineer for the Canadian pharmacy firm Pharmetics who sold vitamin supplied to the troops in Afghanistan. Pharmetics had recently purchased its Canadian plant off Schering Plough client Patheon. At the time Patheon had sold its Canadian and Puerto Rican interests to Pharmetics it was purchasing manufacturing plants in Cincinnati from drug manufacture Aventis (now Sanofi –Pasteur). The Patheon purchase of Aventis Cincinnati plant coincided with the murder of Phil Bates, gunned down in Cincinnati where he worked for Patheon as the newly acquired plant as a quality control engineer.

The only clue the Cincinnati police have in Bates homicide is a medallion, found at the scene of the murder, depicting the North American deity Kopelli a skeleton like image, holding an object alternatively described as blow pipe or a flute used in ceremonies to raise the dead. It has become associated with the Mexican festival the Day of the Dead, which is held on November 1st. Aventis is the US’s leading manufacture of government stock piles used as a vaccine for the Avian Influenza, recognised by pathogen experts as one of the most likely sources of a future world pandemic. (With a fatality count in excess of fifty million such an event would surely impress any death god).

As part of a UN initiative to combat the risk of a global pan epidemic the World Health Organisation, in February 2009, granted the license to manufactured “stockpiled” vaccines for H5N1, the avian influenza, “-for use in third world nations”, to Schering Plough. Critics, however, argue that vaccines will not only not stave off a pan epidemic but, as each year the virus mutates, stock piles of vaccines like Tami flu or Schering ploughs “third world” bird-flue vaccines are not only useless but potentially may, be themselves, the source of a lethal pathogen that in comparison has the ability to make ‘Black November *2’, (the influenza pan epidemic of 1918, which killed 18 million world wide), look like the common cold.

2* Black November was coined by Canterbury University academic Geoffrey W Rice who authored “Black November”: The 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand in 1988, Black November was re-released in 2005 at the request of pathogens experts world wide who thought the book (based on extensive archive research), might provide a better understanding of the affects of a global pan-epidemic, as the world’s first and (to date) only demographic study regarding the effects of a pan-epidemic (the 1918 Influenza) on an entire nation.

A graduate of Otago University, Robert Webster, a virologist and avian flu expert who now works at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, admits that “vaccines could be the problem”. Webster states vaccines, which he has credited as one source of a pan-epidemic, should be used “only in areas where the virus is out of control, and then only temporarily… because routinely administering the vaccine encourages the evolution to resistant strains...." In 2003 Webster’s fears where confirmed after a highly pathogenic virus (resistant to the so called H5N1 vaccine) was detected by researchers who believed the new pathogen had been caused by vaccine overdoses. Example: When Pharmetics, purchased the Patheon plant in Canada they also purchased Patheon’s plant in Puerto Rico which Pantheon blamed for their companies drop in stock prices due to this plants “underperformance.”

This ‘underperformance’ resulted in Schering Plough’s being fined $US580 million in 2002 after drugs it had manufactured in Puerto Rican where found to have “too little medicine or too much contamination”. However, this did not stop the very same drugs from reaching the market, as was uncovered in 2004 when the FBI arrested several executives, in New Jersey, employed by Schering Plough, Merck, Pfizer. The executives were charged as belonging to a black market ring that was selling expired or “outlawed” drugs, sourced from manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico to clients in the third world where such a move could take lives rather than save lives. (Caribbean Business, 27.6.2002. Medical Marketing and Media July 2002 Vol. 7 issue 7. - Economist, 3.8.2002 New York Times 10th September 2004).

Here Come The Generals.

Another passenger on 3407 with links to both the military industrial complex and the issue of biological pathogens was Mary Julia Abraham, 44, a retired first sergeant in the US Army Reserves 5th medical group, who worked for Health Care Provide Invacare. Principally known for wheel chairs, Invacare also specialises in “first line of defence” for airborne and blood borne pathogens. In January 2009 Invacare post quarter profit rose 150 % and its full year profits rose more than thirty times what they had been for the fiscal year ending 2008.

Until 2009 Invacare’s board of directors included recently retired, US Marine, General James Jones, who stepped down from Invacare to become National Security Adviser to Obama Barak. Prior to becoming part of the Obama administration Jones also sat on the board of directors for a number of firms including Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

Jones who in 2007 was made the President of the ‘US Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century is a proponent of “troop surges” in Afghanistan a plan which relies on the support of the US’s allies in NATO who, in turn, have been provided with access to the US military technology; a deal which is also good for America’s failing economy and its military manufactures.

The Afghanistan plan is the brain child of yet another hawk and adviser to Obama, the long term Washington insider, Zbigniew Brezinski, who in the 80’s, during the US Cold war with the Soviet Union, was credited with America’s decision to fuel an Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan. Brezinski stated he saw Afghanistan as a means by which Russia could be “drawn into their own Vietnam.” Yet if Brezinski new policy seems to reflect a change of heart, consider the Pentagon Papers, the US military’s own official history of the Vietnam war. Leaked to the public in the seventies, the Pentagon Papers showed how major military contractors, rather than wanting to win the war in Vietnam, quickly saw a drawn out conflict as a means more in line with their own economic objectives, even if it resulted in high US casualties and went against public sentiments.

Similar benefits to the military industrial complex can be seen following 9/11 where the War on Terrorism saw military contractors receive an economic stimulus package worth more than six hundred billion; forty two billion dollars of that directed specifically at biological warfare research.

The Sunshine Project, a San Francisco based non profit organisation, maintains the major beneficiary in such economic stimulus packages include Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, DuPont Central Research, Monsanto, Pfizer Inc, and Merck and Schering-Plough (who merged with Merck less than a month ago). The funding has been authorised under the umbrella of “fighting the war on terrorism”, yet critics suggest that profits, rather than any real risk of biological terrorism. lies behind the Pharmaceutical corporation’s interest in this field. Examples of this profit before public safety attitude include the 2001 anthrax attacks in America in October 2001, when a number of firms (including Schering Plough) were forced to drop their prices in relation to drugs sold to public facilities to combat Anthrax when America was hit by an Anthrax scare in October 2001. However, no such pressure was applied to private sales, and stock options into anthrax related medicine soared as the pharmaceutical giants cashed in on public alarm fuelled by media hype.

The Twelfth Monkey.

There is also another issue. Is bioterrorism research making the world safer or is enhanced research into this field simply enhancing the risks? In 2003 public protest in Newark New Jersey followed the decision to oppose the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases decision to selected Boston University to build a Bio-Safety Level (BSL) 4 lab built to store the world’s most dangerous biological agents as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s bio-defence effort.

The publics concern seems to have been well placed, for in 2005 three dead mice infected with bubonic plague disappeared from a BSL3 lab at New Jersey University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ). After wards the FBI issued a statement saying there was no reason to be alarmed yet the credibility of that statement must be seen in the light that three researchers, in a BSL3 lab at the Boston University(BU), fell ill after being exposed to tularaemia, a potential biological weapon. The infections occurred between May and September 2004, but BU and city officials decided not to inform the public and waited a week, after approval of the proposed BSL4 lab by the City Zoning Commission had been granted.

In 2008 the frozen remains of two further bubonic plague infected mice again went missing from UMDNJ with staff waiting several months to report the incident to federal and state authorities, who again stated there was no reason for public alarm. Boston University and UMDNJ along side Schering Plough along pharmaceutical research firm and institutes like Kintex Hauptmanwoodward can all identified as key recipients of Department of Defence funding. Kintex, Schering Plough and Hauptman-Woodward can also be identified as financial supporters of the Niagara Medical Campus Buffolo.

Hauptman-Woodward, gained prominence recently after they were appointed to head a project on how viruses mutate and transfer between animals and humans. Hauptman-Woodward former chairman is Donald Hess, the cofounder of Amherst Systems (purchased in 1999 by defence giant Northrop Grumman) who died in a plane crash in November 2008, just three months before his employees Jerome Krasuski, Darren Tolsma Steve Johnston and Ernest West died on Flight 3407. The three million dollars in federal funding required for Hauptman-Woodward species jumping research can be identified as having come from the 2008 Department of Defence Appropriations Bill. Hess also served on the board of Kinex Pharmaceutical, whose vice president Dr Allen Barnett is the former vice president of Schering-Plough and, like Hess, a member of the board of the University of Buffalo’s Niagara Medical Campus.

All lab facilities involved in the missing plague cases in Newark and Buffalo have another common link in that they were all designed by CUH2A whose client list includes US Bio Warfare military contractors Abbot Merck, Pfizer, Schering Plough, plus the New Jersey Economic Development Authority who lobbied pharmeseutical firms to set up their hazardous bio research in heavily populated areas.

In July 2004 CUH2A (a New Jersey based facility that provides scientific research and planning services for architecture, science and technology) announced that an agreement it had signed with Bechtel National Inc. to design laboratory facilities that will consolidate especially dangerous pathogens in secure repositories “located in countries” outside Russia that were part of former Soviet Union in Georgia and Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, where it has been alleged that Islamic terrorist groups have gone on regular “shopping trips” for nuclear and biological products. Ironically Kazakhstan, which sits on the border of Afghanistan and Turkey, is not a signatory of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC), which outlaws the research of biological agents for offensive military purposes.

While no credible examples of thefts in Kazakhstan by Islamic militants has to date been cited it can be established that in the post Cold War world, all around the world seal colonies have been dying in the tens of thousands from a disease that first appeared in Kazakhstan in 2000, then Sweden and then the UK, where the mystery pathogen was finally identified as an airborne strain of canine distemper. In total 50,000 seals have to date died of the virus and it is still not known how and when it jumped species. What is certain is the Kazakhstan seal plague is certainly not the work of Osama Bin Laden.

However, canine distemper is one of the diseases known to have been adapted for bio-warfare by the former Soviet Union on Maly Zhemchuzny Island on the Caspian sea, in territory belonging to Kazakhstan. Today a senior offical for the New Zealand Ministry of Health, zoonotic expert
Alexander Kouzminov, a former “bio-spy” for the Soviet Union, confirms in his book,”Biological Espionage”, that live pathogens were and are released on an unsuspecting public who are used as defacto lab chimps by defence bio-warfare researchers on both sides of the former Iron Curtain.

The lack of concern regarding missing samples from the Newark and Buffalo labs, and their potential to cause an outbreak on the scale of the seal distemper pathogen, must be considered in the light that on February 10th 09, research into infectious diseases was suspended at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick (designed by CUH2A) until an accurate inventory of all its deadly biological agents has been completed. The suspension being a direct result of the pathogens used in the October 2001 Anthrax attacks, that were later traced first by the Federation of American Scientist and then by the FBI, then the US Army’s own auditors to Fort Detrick’s high security laboratories. Today no one has been charged for the October attacks, which left 27 people dead, while the Federation of American Scientist has called the FBI current prime suspect, a former Fort Detrick scientist who recently committed suicide, a politically convenient scapegoat.

[SEE ALSO ‘Made in the USA’ on the Vidgen Files (COMING SOON)

Art Mirrors Life & Fiction Becomes Fact.

The FBI’s apparent lack of interest in the missing Newark Buffalo plague mice should be in recalled when viewing the fate of Dr. Steven Kurtz, a Professor of Visual Studies in Massachusetts. In May 2004 Kurt called authorities after his wife Hope died of heart failure. At the time Kurtz was preparing an art project about genetically modified agriculture for the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. Responding to his phone call the police discovered Kurtz’s “art” materials and became so suspicious they alerted the FBI. Kurtz was subsequently detained for 22 hours on suspicion of bioterrorism, and an army of agents from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, Homeland Security, Department of Defence, ATF, and numerous other law enforcement agencies raided his home, seizing personal and professional belongings. Despite samples of his art materials proving to be non lethal, Kurtz was never the less subpoenaed and hauled before a federal grand jury. who promptly refused to charge Kurtz with bioterrorism. Kurtz was then indicted by the FBI on two counts of mail fraud and two counts of wire fraud for his Critical Art Ensemble, which had won him several numerous awards and public acclaim including the prestigious 2007 Andy Warhol Foundation Wynn Kramarsky Freedom of Artistic Expression Grant.

In weird twist of fate the spokes man in the prosecution case against Kurt was FBI agent Paul Moskal, (now a consultant for News 4), who confirmed to News 4 that he was meant to have been on Flight 3407 but missed the doomed flight. To date no reason for Moskal missing the flight has been given despite Deadline emailing Moskal directly.

By itself the manifesto of Flight 3407 paints a picture of an America that has become a country which cannot survive with out death shadowing life for its economy has become co-dependent on the fortunes of industries are ruled by a sociopath level of greed. Corporations who display a complete lack of ethics and have an extensive history of criminal proceedings, unsafe labs, and a repeated record of selling for profit tainted, potentially lethal drugs to millions in the 1/3 world. None of the above is speculation. How can it be when it simply drawing attention to hard documented facts as they can be established a matter of public record.

In the same vein bio warfare research takes place in the name of the War On Terrorism, public safety, and national security. Yet the avalanche of lethal virus’s which have gone missing, been stolen or contaminated, or shown to be the cause of actual outbreaks and fatalities after being released from defence funded labs, highlights how, instead of having made the world safer, bio-defence labs represent the most probable source of any future pandemic, accidental or otherwise.

Americas military research is clearly not, as the Pentagon claims, undertaken for a purely defensive nature. And the issue, coupled with the rapid proliferation of unmanned weapons technology, will surely spark a new arms race between rival nations and insurgency forces. This will result in drawing the human race into a new moral low. To quote Albert Einstein, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

How can the profits of war be justified if all they can buy is four horses and an Apocalypse?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Golden Rules
By Ben C Vidgen.

“Inspirational” Obama Barrack on Mrs
Beverly Eckert co-founder of Families for 9/11

Unwittingly through her death Beverly Ecker, has become the
poster girl for the so called 911 truth movement.

Profits of War Part One Golden Rules.

The Devils in The Details.

This year, on the 18th of February, flight controllers observed Flight 3407 pass the five mile marker with out incident as the aircraft, from Newark New Jersey, began its descent to land in Buffalo, New York. Despite wind and snow that must have caused ground crew to stamp their feet as they got ready to uplift the luggage of 3407’s passengers, (mainly mid level employees principally from middle class suburbs like Amherst, Clarence, West Senegal, that were built around the pharmaceutical banking and engineering firms common to this port city hub), weather conditions were well within the norm for this time of year. There was no indication that 3407 was about to loose communications with the flight controllers as it descended, but then, a minute later, the image vanished from their radar screen as the plane plummeted to the ground in a
tragedy that would leave no survivors.

Within 24 hours, well before flight recorders had been found and aviation disaster inspectors had time to study the empirical evidence, boosted by the speed of modern communication, a passing comment given only as a possible cause that the plane had been ‘brought down by ice on the wings’ had become the dominant headline.

‘Ice on the wings’ is what most people would recall of the headline they glanced at as they dashed out the door. Ice on the wings is what will surface in people memories when they attempt to recall a half heard news cast played over their car radio as they battled with the morning traffic. Ice on the wings, ice on the wings, ice on the wings. This explanation was repeated again, and again and again, on TV, Radio and Newspapers as syndicated commercial networks rushed to provide a cause and give a verdict, before any investigation had begun, any forensic examination was completed or the planes flight recorder recovered and processed. When the true facts were revealed and then researched it soon sparked suspicion by many on- line commentators. ( The majority of citizen reporters whose view had been shaped by eight years of the George Bush administration and a war instigated, the masses were informed, by weapons of mass destruction. Information that had later turned out to be non-existence and shown to have been a politically fabricated lie). But this level of suspicion would spike rapidly when news arose that the 3407 not only possessed de-icing technology, but the passengers list had included Beverly Eckert a “911 activist” whose husband Sean Rooney had died on September 11th 2001 in the attack on the twin towers.

A quick examination of phases and sentences used in many news wire stories relating to Flight 3407 reveals plagiarism and laziness that led to assumptions rather than any orchestrated conspiracy. But this soon became irrelevant, for the counter culture, quickly mirroring the conventional medias own habits of presenting conjecture and speculation as hard data, in their hurry to cherry pick the facts that best fitted their own perceptions of how the world revolves. In an age where we are simply media saturated with on line blogs, tweaters, bebo, face book, down load news casts, for our cell phones, ipods, or blackberries, televised on line newspapers, hardcopy newspapers, magazines, public access TV, commercial TV, FM, AM getting news from independent sources or from syndicated franchises is not a problem. If anything, too much information is proving to be the real danger in this world where one can go online and take their pick of what to fill our brains with.

Want to watch naked new readers? There is a site for you. Want to see the latest ‘hard evidence’ of reptilian shape shifters? There is a you tube clip to be found, Convinced that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Someone, somewhere out there has a blog with ‘facts’ that will even support this nonsense. Or, alternatively, just watch FOX News.

If you want to know how to stay sane in the white noise that is the by-product of the twenty first century, and a media revolution that has not been seen since the invention of the Gutenburg printing press, then go back to the basics.

Back to Basics.

To understand contemporary current events the trick is to always bring your self back to the two rules of deduction.

1. What is the final outcome of any given event?

2. Who stands to benefit?

These rules are as true when one is examining whatever Flight 3407 has to tell as they are when examining the events which surround 9/11, which is linked to Flight 3407 by Beverly Eckert who, rather than accept a 1.8 million dollar payout as the relative of a victim of 9/11, chose to campaign for her day in court and get the answers that so far (she felt) America has not been given.

Unwittingly through her death Beverly Ecker, has become the poster girl for the so called 911 Truth movement. A cross between Jamie Lee Curtis, the girl next door, Martha Stewart (the ultimate Midwest soccer mum) and Eric Brokevich. The ‘never give in’ martyr of justice, Ecker has become rallying call for those who, in this media cynical age, have chosen to become obsessed with whether the Twin Towers was brought down by a controlled explosion, the Pentagon was hit by a missile, or that Flight 93 was shot down by an Air force jet (as opposed to the same crashing into a field in Pennsylvania after been hijacked by Islamic terrorists). Tail chasing arguments that generally create much drama, and even higher net ratings, but inevitably achieve little.

The fact is that there is no evidence that Beverly Eckert had ever suggested or promoted publicly any of the scenarios that have now been attributed to her, or are been used as ‘evidence’ that Eckert was murdered, to again support arguments alleging that the Twin Towers was destroyed by a controlled demolitions, that the Pentagon was hit by a missile, that Flight 93 was shot down by an Air Force jet. (Though by coincidence, the forensic examiner of Flight 3407 is Dennis Dirkmaat, the same forensic examiner used to investigate Flight 93). In fact Mrs Eckert new devotees, ironically, are doing her a disservice by
tying her t such distractions that, while intellectually stimulating, achieve little.

In Eckert’s own words “I’ve chosen to go to court rather than accept a payoff from the 9/11 victims compensation fund. Instead, I want to know what went so wrong with our intelligence and security systems that a band of religious fanatics was able to turn four U.S passenger jets into an enemy force, attack our cities and kill 3,000 civilians with terrifying ease. I want to know why two 110-story skyscrapers collapsed in less than two hours and why escape and rescue options were so limited. I am suing because unlike other investigative avenues, including congressional hearings and the 9/11 commission, my lawsuit requires all testimony be given under oath and fully uses powers to compel evidence….(‘My Silence Cannot Be Bought’ by Beverly Eckert Friday, December 19, 2003).

That Eckerts startling words have not before or since her death been published in a single major media outlet is not more evidence of a conspiracy (not in the conventional sense), but rather that most reporters, regardless of what their own views might be, have the good sense not to offer up stories that might offend the their more conservative superiors or readers (who more often than not are in direct proportion to the advertising revenue at stake). Eckert’s own campaign was far more subversive and hard hitting, and so much more intensive than the pop culture conspiracy theories, thus intuitively (rather than consciously) the media has shied well away from such controversy.

War Whats It’s Good For.

Eckert was never interested in the search for gun men on the grassy knoll but instead she went straight to the guts of 9/11, the intelligence failure, asking how and why did such a failure occur?

While drawing attention to the fact that 9/11, the most spectacular criminal act in contemporary history, has never been investigated in any meaningful manner and asking why not.

The second issue has largely been lost on the wider public who are unaware that;

1. Testimony given at the 911 Commission was not given under oath so witnesses could not later be charged with perjury if it was shown at a later date they had given false statements.

2. The 911 Commission could not summon witnesses – testimony was voluntarily.

3. The 911 Commission had no power to summon evidence.

4. The 911 Commission had to accept evidence in the form it was given and had little opportunity to examine evidence in its original unedited form.

For example; most people are unaware that major pieces of the 9/11 puzzle, such as the collapse of World Trade Centre 7, (the third building to collapse on September 11), was completely absent from Commissions official report. When the complete 100% omission of World Tower Trade Centre 7 was raised with the commissions vice chairman Lee Hamilton on CBS, Hamilton could only state the commissioners did not have “unlimited time” and could not answer “every question” the public asked.

9/11 sent shock waves that rippled right around the world even across time. 911 was not just a terrorist attack but represented a revolution in warfare no less dramatic than the invention of the long bow, the musket, the Atomic bomb or the printing press. Yet the co-author of the governing inquiry report admits it had simply been rushed through.

In the UK, Lloyds of London predicted an insurance bill of 20 Billion Pounds. Within days the cost of 9/11 had escalated to a bill of between 50 to 100 Billion Pounds. In England the stock market ‘lost’ 637 billion pounds in a single day; a figure much greater than the loss of Black Monday stock market crash in 1987. The effect was instantaneous. Due to 9/11, by September 20th 51,000 jobs (AP 19.9.01/RTS20.9.01) had been lost in the airline industry alone.

Yet if you think Bin Laden’s attack on Twin Towers hurt the worlds most wealthy and most powerful think again.

9/11 may have in fact saved the US economy, or at least those with investments in America’s military industrial complex. In the months prior to 9/11 the Dow had dropped to the worst slump in 210 years of the US history of Blue Chips - representing the largest drop in the market since the depression. Hedge funds were draining as people rushed to obtain hard cash at a level only seen, as Bloomberg gloomily noted, “since the out break of war”. (A long term traditional saviour of the US economy).

In October 2001 the single chorus being sung by the soothsayers of Wall Street was that the end was nigh and, short of the out break of war, all was doomed. A statement which prove un-eerily accurate.

In the immediate days after 9/11 Wall Street military industrial suppliers made a literal killing. As Bush junior touted that the war on terrorism might rumble on for thirty years, the US defence budget received a government ‘stimulus package’ of $US 344 Billion (BBC 14.9.01 Reuters 12.12.01), 44 billion going into bio-weapons technology and 6 billion into counter terrorism. A figure which since the out break of the Iraq war has now moved into the almost uncountable realms
of trillions.

When looking at the markets after the shortfall decline, one comment stands out amongst all the comments. An American stock broker admitting, “If Bin Laden had not existed we would have had to have invented him”.

Clear And Present Danger.

One person who fears that the military industrial complex has gained too much power since 9/11 in the US and is not to be trusted, is Valerie Lucznikowska, 66, who, like Eckert, is a co- member of American Civil Liberties Union. With Eckert in 2008 Lucznikowska gave her signature to a letter which questions the legitimacy of Guantanamo and states, “We believe that the secretive and unconstitutional nature of these proceedings deprives us of the right to know the full truth about what happened on 9/11.”

Lucznikkowska and Eckert were among a list of names whom Obama Barack asked to specifically meet to discuss the closure of Guantanamo, which, politically, is not simply an issue of a return to due process, but for Obama represents the need of the executive to rein in the US military’s ability to muscle in on the jurisdiction of civilian administrable bodies, as the borders which once prevented the military from detaining and imprisoning civilians under the Posse Comitatus Act have been blurred following the event of 9/11.

Lucznikowska, like Eckert, believes the real issue is how 9/11 was allowed to happen when there is clear evidence that US intelligence had advanced warning and knowledge of 9/11 yet did little to act on this intelligence.

A key plank in Eckert’s belief concerns the public outing of “Operation Able Danger”, a top military intelligence operation, which had Mohammed Atta and at least three other 911 terrorists under surveillance in the US until August 2000 when the program was shut down.

News of Able Danger broke in 2004 when Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer a U.S. Army Reservist, commander of Special Troops Battalion, 9th Theatre Support Command and the former Chief of the Army’s Controlled HUMINT (Human Intelligence) Program, which oversees all Army Intelligence and Security Command’s global controlled HUMINT efforts, testified that the Able Danger data mining program, designed to targeted Al Qaeda’s global structure, had Mohammed Atta and three other
9/11 terrorists under surveillance until the operation was shut down in October 2000.

Schaffer claims are corroborated by a number of mid-ranking officers who later testified before a congressional investigation into Able Danger, its advance knowledge of Mohammed Atta and the order to stop the program and destroy all records and intelligence collected by the program.

Schaffer claims (and the testimony of his officers – at a subsequent congressional committee set up to investigate Able Danger) are supported by the testimony of Republican Senator Curt Weldon who maintains he saw a copy of the chart (before it was erased) “that identified lead 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta as a terrorist operating inside the U.S. a year before the 9/11 attacks.”

Sheldon not only offered verbal corroboration but in testimony was able to provide video evidence of concerning the existence of intelligence which shows the military intelligence knew of Mohammed Atta presence in the US prior to 9/11.

Yet no-one needs to examine the dossier of Able Danger to be able to prove false the official claim that US intelligence had no idea that an attack as 9/11 was in pipe line – anyone can simply go back and read old newspapers.

In 1993 Yousef Ramzi, whose history is more gun for hire than pure revolutionary, made headlines when he carried out an attack on the World Tower Trade Centre. When the bomb failed to destroy the Twin Towers Yousef is recorded as having sworn that he would come back and complete the job.

In 1995 fate and the instincts of a Philippine street cop, Aida Fariscal, brought the Philippine to raid a terrorist cell later identified as being under Yousef command. Here a laptop was recovered that was found to contain advanced preparations for an ambitious plan to fly 12 aircraft into a series of targets, - including the US sky scrapers, the White House, and the Pentagon, and Congress.

Today the FBI maintains that they had had no advance warning of a plot to turn airliners into bombs and have never heard of “Operation Bojinka” even though a media photo taken in 1995 show Aida Fariscal holding up a letter of commendation from the FBI complimenting her for actions and quick thinking in Operation Bojinka.

Details relating to Operation Bojinka have appeared in a number of English speaking publications including the article “Pacific Jihad” which was co-authored by this journalist and appeared in the current affairs publication, Investigate magazine, in October 2000.

Hi-Tech Low Tech Does it Really Matter

One of the allegations concerning 9/11 often found in counter culture media is the suggestion that the air craft that hit the Twin Towers were guided to the target by electronic warfare technology that remotely over-rode the two aircraft, Flight 11 and 175, auto pilots. This is also one of the arguments commonly sighted by commercial media syndicates to pour scorn on so called 911 Truth movement, a debate which again distracts from the issue of the intelligence failure of 911 and deviation from due process concerning the investigation (or lack of) into the attack on the Twin Towers.

One need look no further than Flight 3407 to discover that such high tech technology is very real and very likely will be used in future to wage what in military terms is often referred to as ‘silent warfare technology’, referring to means by which an enemy can be engaged in a manner that insures that the public remains unaware that a conflict is taking place in the first place.

Steve Johnson, Jerome Krasuski, Darren Tolsma and Ernest West, passengers on Flight 3407 to Buffalo were all employees of Amherst Systems which was purchased by defence giant Northrop Grumman in 1999. Amherst, specialises in electronic warfare technology, was purchased from Donald Hess who died in a plane crash in November 2008.

To date no details concerning the nature of the work of Jerome Krasuski, have emerged. He is simply listed as an engineer. Ernest West represented the senior employee on Flight 3407; a Deputy Director for Amherst Northrop
Grumman Corp, a specialist in electronic warfare (EW) technology who started his career in EW while in the
Air Force in the 1970s midst a six month stint as “a field operative” for the Office of Special Investigation. Steve Johnson, also listed as an engineer, is identified as a long time employee of Calspan/Verdian in Cheektowaga, where he worked as a project engineer for Calspan’s Flight Research Group (FRG) leading designers in Unmanned technology Vehicle Department with Calspan unmanned autonomous flight technology located -“ 35 miles south of Calspan’s Buffalo facility.”

In 2004 the Buffalo facility was built after Calspan was purchased by General Dynamic as part of the acquisition of leading biological weapons researcher Veridan.

Veridan had chosen to expand its Cheektowaga operation into Niagara County to include a $7 million research hangar at the Niagara Falls International Airport near Buffalo to “simulate the flight characteristics of civilian aircraft”. In 2007 Calspan/Veridan was then purchased by a local management/investment group The Matrix Group headed by John R. Yurtchuk, a former investment banker. Using political donation data basis, Matrix Corporations and Yurtchuk, originally an investment banker, are regular donators to the Republican Senator Thomas Reynolds, Grand Island NY (who also received regular political contributions from Amherst System).

Reynolds played a prominent role in insuring that Northrop Grumman Amherst won a tender, worth more than $28 million, to supply Europe with state of the art EW technology. The deal to provide Europe with cutting edge technology worth billions being part of a package shaped by General James Jones, prior to his retirement in 2007 and his appointment as Obama’s National Security in 2009, to make the US European allies take a more proactive role in Afghanistan and in the NATO military treaty. Reynolds can also be identified as paying a role in securing Pentagon funding for Amherst Systems joint operation with Lithos Robotics Corp to undertake research into automated weapons systems in 2008.

Darren Tolsma, worked principally in sales for Amherst Northrop Grumman, helped establish the defence giant’s offices in Europe, part of the Reynolds sponsored Northrop Grumman Amherst package to provide electronic warfare technology to the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co along with additional deals which include the sale of biometric identification technology automated mail reading technology and GPS tracking.

A 2008 press releases concerning the 28 million dollar deal states “The Amherst location will build eight radio frequency simulators which will help the Airbus 400M transport aircraft, while still on the ground, safeguard itself against combat threats it might encounter during missions. The simulators generate signals the aircraft might detect, such as antiaircraft radar, in the air so that its sensors can be programmed for those threats. When those threats appear during flights, the plane can then take the proper defensive measures”. Technologically this statement has huge ramification, for if applied correctly such technology has a dual use and asides from its defensive purpose can be applied offensively to fool aircraft’s sensors or even human pilots into making a serious error which
could result in tragic consequences. This is especially note worthy in light of another aspect of Amherst EW, the research concerning the development of technology which can, in turn, be used to specifically fool or deceive defensive EW measures.

Those who find such technology preposterous ironically choose to over look the very EW mini arms race which surrounds such technology as Calspan own unmanned aerial vehicle, the Global Hawk, or the Predator designed by L3 Communications (whose shares rose 38% on September 12 less than 24 hours after 9/11, before the announcement to invade Iraq or Afghanistan had even been made). Technology which directly allows civilian aircraft to be in effect giant unmanned drones can be show to have existed since the 90’s and include the July to August 1995 tests conducted by Boeing and Honeywell where more than 75 autopilot approaches and touch downs were carried out using GPS technology that where accurate
to only a few metres.

Yet while such technology certainly is possible the question of how plausible this is, in relation to 911, can best defined by another deduction tool known as Occam ’s razor where given two choices and the known available data, the simplest solution is usually the more probable answer.

If we return to the pre-existing public information, concerning operation Bojinak (as outlined in the lap top secured by Police in the Philippines), we can see there already existed a much simpler method of flying civilian jets into the heart of western civilisation using a method tried and tested for over 3000 years ago when the Shite Islamic cult the Hassians (from whence the word assassin originates), used a combination of booze, drugs and the promise of a better life to dupe low caste poverty ridden
peasants into becoming fanatic killers.

In the end it does not matter whether Mohammed Atta was behind the joy stick of the aircraft that ploughed into 911 or whether his body was put on ice, and technology designed for tomorrows battle field pulled the strings. In the end the principles of electronic warfare and suicide assassins remains essentially the same.

The art of any deception, whether Hi Tech military stratagems or a simple low tech child’s magic trick, is based on basic psychological principles that humans have assumptions on how the world should behave and constantly seek to have those assumptions reinforced. As long as the primary source that confirms such programming remains the same we assume that all is normal and act accordingly, even when there might be an alternative source of stimulus in operation that warns us that not all is as it seems. In some aspect, regardless of the mystery surrounding the 911 attacks, September 11 could be said to have been both Hi Tech and Low Tech. For EW is simply the manipulation of information designed to make humans or machines see what the enemy wants us to see.

Once the planes hit the Twin Towers and exploded in a shard of concrete and glass (that modern communication captured frame by frame and then played over and over and over and over again) our emotions and subsequent reactions, the next morning, were as predictable as the stocks that went up and those stocks that went down. Knowing this we must not become obsessed with either specific details or just absorb the headlines.

There is a need to stand back and form a more holistic picture of our current affairs which should focus on what is the final outcome of any action and who stands to benefit; these are the two golden rules that give a true and effective means of analyst whether reviewing the details of any media story in this age, whether it be a major terrorist attack, an economic recession, a general election, - or even a small mysterious plane crash whose passenger manifesto, when viewed collectively, offers a
profile on the very nature of the U.S. military industrial complex and the influence it wields in this century. This is far more important than such distracting issues as ‘ice on the wings’.

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