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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fire & Ice Down Under

By Ben C Vidgen.

“And two great dragons did arise, Huowanglong, a dragon of fire, and Shuiwanglong, a dragon of water, and they brought their anger down upon the land, one upon the east, and one upon the west” Anon.


High Altitude Atmosphere Research Program (HAARP) Reaching Pole To Pole.

Last month Chinese dignitaries flew into Antarctica to meet Australian officials. China’s Minister for Land and Resources, Xu Shaoshi, told journalists the visit was to familiarise officials with China’s expanding Antarctic operations, “which include investigating the potential of untapped minerals and resources”. The 1991 Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty forbids ‘’any activity relating to mineral resources, other than scientific research’’. The ban expires in 2011, next year. The end of the 2011 moratorium coincides with a new “highway” running from the US base McMurdo, to the new US base called Scott Amundsen (but referred to by the US media simply as Scott Base), located on territory currently claimed by NZ. All US polar bases at the South Pole are managed by Raytheon, better known for their role in developing the Star Wars missile defence program.

Stars Wars research included Project TIMBERLAND where nuclear fuelled rockets where to have been fired over Antarctica in the 1990’s and monitored via remote monitoring sites located at the pole. Power sources for such monitors included plutonium fuelled “SNAP” generators or Remote Thermal Generators (RTGs).

Advertising in communication industry periodicals also refer to McMurdo’s communication system as “currently” linked to the US Air force and missile research facility at Vandenburg USA, and Pocket Flats in Alaska. Pocket flats is located near the controversial US High Altitude Advanced Research Program (HAARP) ‘ionosphere heaters’ which has been linked to geo-warfare or earth quake research programmes, managed by the US’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency and funded by a US military taskforce with civilian contributions, to the project, overseen by the National Science Foundation.

The US military deny HAARP alleged geo-warfare capacity but admit that HAARP is used for long range submarine communication or searching for metals deep within the earth’s surface. HAARP has a known research presence in Antarctica despite all military research in Antarctica being banned under the moratorium.


Dr Rodney Marks, specialist in Remote controlled Observatories, Antartica's first Homicide?

In January 2000 Canadian John G. Biesiada, a communication contractor, at McMurdo, employed by US Navy Space and Warfare Programme, became the first fatality in Antarctica, for the 21st century, when he suffered a blood clot only four month prior to the death of Australian, Dr Rodney Marks, at Scott Amundsen, in March 2000. Marks had been employed to run the remote controlled telescopes system, at Scott Amundsen, known by local scientist as the 'Dark Side' which it emerges is funded by the US Navy Space and Warfare Program.

In March 2009 Detective Wormald, of the NZ Police, maintained that the National Science Foundation (NSF), which oversees all US scientific work in Antarctica, was continuing to “stonewall” his investigation into Mark’s death which Wormald was treating as a homicide. Wormald claimed the NSF where refusing to provide contact details to possible witness to Mark’s death.

The decision to treat Mark’s death as homicide was reported in New Zealand papers and confirmed directly by Wormald when spoken to over the phone by this author and follows testimony, given at the NZ inquest held after an autopsy revealed Marks died of Methanol poisoning. Dr Robert Thompson, the first doctor to attend Dr Marks, reported that he saw two “needle marks” on Marks arm which he decided “not to ask about”.

In the past America has refused for a NZ coroner to intervene in the deaths of any US citizens (Marks was an Australian and Biesiada a Canadian) on the ice. For to do so would be to risk recognition of Antarctic territory, claimed by NZ upon, which the US has built facilities considered to have immense mineral and strategic value.


La Masquerade owned by Sir Robert Ogden - coal and "uber" debt collector in Auckland & NZ late 2009 just prior to heading Haiwaii where NZ Prime Minister and former merchant banker John Keys is vacationing.

The timing of China’s and America’s decision to mine Antarctica coincides with the National (the current ruling political party of NZ) party’s decision to open NZ national parks to mining. It likewise unfolds in the same time frame that Australia has signed an agreement to export coal to China; in quantities that now makes coal to China one of Australia’s largest exports. Against this backdrop a third event, the sighting of the super yacht, ‘La Masquerade’, owned by coal merchant Sir Robert Ogden in Maui last January (while NZ Prime Minister, former merchant banker and leader of the National Party, John Key was also vacationing in Maui) takes on additional significance of its own. The La Masquerade was previously in NZ for several months just prior to Christmas.

Prior to 2006, when Ogden shied his assets from energy to property specialising in real estate related to insolvency or debt, Ogden was involved in the building of several giant coal fuelled power plant in Africa, Asia, and South America. The plants were the recipients of World Bank subsidies, on the basis that such super plants where allegedly more efficient than the construction of smaller plants. This is despite the fact that these super coal plant produce record breaking C02 emissions and their bulk consumption of raw material will increases the price of coal further escalating Ogden’s profits.

The funds for such subsidy(lent to developing nations in return for the IMF and or World Bank, then being able to make direct input into the energy policy of such nations), where in turn raised from the private sector including the disgraced Enron, the leading lobbyist, in the US, for restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.

Enron’s CEO Ken Lay would call on both Bill Clinton and George Bush administration’s to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, which one intercompany e-mail described as something which would be “good for Enron stock.” The company hoped to be the premier dealer in emissions credits that would be required after climate change legislation. Further under the Kyoto scheme Enron would have seen an increase in their profits. Especially as Enron was determined that any increase in fuel costs, brought about greenhouse emissions taxes, would not be passed on to the energy sector but would be borne by the public directly.

Just prior to its collapse, Enron was beginning to make inroads into the UK coal market the traditional stomping ground of Ogden. Today Enron is no more and Ogden has moved on from investment into the enegy sector to liquidator of insolvent assetts including a number of Enron’s assets, such as its world bank subsidised coal burning plants in Africa. Making a buck from debt it turns out is the new 21st century groeth industry and right now its booming.

The timing of Ogden and Key’s stay in Hawaii follows the first round defeat of the develop nations at the Copenhagen conferences, regarding what the first and third world will be expected to pay. Faced with this fact the energy industry is borrowing from Enron's book and lobbying sympathetic governments, to increase public taxes, rather than have the cost of an increased Kyoto energy levy’s pasted on to the energy sector.

It is all too clear that rather than awake up call governments and big business are simply using the issue of climate change to continue their traditional pursuit of profit and power. Instead of genuinely facing the issue the power elite of the world seem bent on escalating the crisis.


The Xinhua, news agency, reports that China’s current interest in the mineral resources of Antarctica comes as they are set to establish a Chinese “earthquake monitoring station” (described on WashingtonPost.com as an identified spy station) , in Antarctica’s Grove Mountains. According to the US Geological Survey, there were 77 earthquakes in the Antarctic area, during the 34 years from 1972 to 2007. Over the same period, and the same sized area, around Japan, there were 41,659 earthquakes roughly 1217 a year. However since the late 1990’s there has been a dramatic increase in the number of earthquakes and their magnitude encountered in Antarctica. The reason for this has not being commented on. However worldwide increases in seismic activity, including a mysterious hum, detected on highly sensitive earthquake measuring equipment worldwide, have been listed as one sign that melting ice is now beginning to have an impact on the world tectonic plates.

Yet regardless of personal wealth, or national collective might, one day the entire world will learn the folly of not listening more carefully to the sounds of dragons beginning to stir.